Tabungan Masa Depan


Tersuka tanpa sengaja

and i will just go with the flow, ED it is
we will see how things will going on

got 3 days off
day 1 : meerry go round with family around KT
day 2 : which is today, spent haf the day sleeping, down with fever and flu like sx
day 3 : .....maybe catching fresh air



Alhamdullilah ,   i pass my fifth posting , next will be ED, but im considering Anesth

Medical is my favourite posting , i got the feeling of being a doctor not just working and doing what bosses told u to do.

one more posting to go before im completing my 2 years of training. im actually not ready yet to practice as a MO, hopefully can prepare myself for another 4 month

i want to be more human
maybe i should start a hobby ,besides sleeping