Tabungan Masa Depan


dakapan sepi

susah untuk aku cerita
semua yang ku pendam dalam dada

dakapan sepi sebuah memori
yang semakin menyesakkan diri

kutemui cahaya yang kucari
sukar dulu harus kutempuhi
bersama harapan biar jiwa ini tidak lagi memeluk sebuah dakapan sepi

insan duka


cinta teruna kimci

perkahwinan memang penting
tapi selepas saya dapat ijazah saya
seperti dia saya juga ingin berjaya

...tapi selepas saya dapat master

...tapi selepas saya dapat phd


fine tak kelaka lawak ni lepas 26.7


cinta hati abah

post call

so damn tired, patient keep coming even at late night
sneak into prayer room and nap for 30 minutes

then cont with morning ro call and cme
interesting topic bradyarryhmia , but im too sleepy

drive back home at 11
as soon as i reach home , land my tired body in sofa
and then....sleep till magrib

and thats how i spent my off day

so sad



and today i dream of u , u've gone, forever gone
it hit me but somehow i can aceept that

when i wake up
it make me wonder
maybe its time to totally letting go all those thing

dear god, please hep me untangle these memories and feeling


dilwale pun boleh

off day

1. wake up early as usual as i need to attend morning assembly ...sleepy
2. then continue with weekly cme till 11.30 am ...only 1% getting into my head
3. plan to drive straightaway home but im to sleepy for 1 hour journey
4. overslept... woke up at 2.30 pm and yeay im home
5.arrive home and sleep again

what i can conclude is ,,,,i is tired and all i do is sleeping.huawaaaaa


Tersuka tanpa sengaja

and i will just go with the flow, ED it is
we will see how things will going on

got 3 days off
day 1 : meerry go round with family around KT
day 2 : which is today, spent haf the day sleeping, down with fever and flu like sx
day 3 : .....maybe catching fresh air



Alhamdullilah ,   i pass my fifth posting , next will be ED, but im considering Anesth

Medical is my favourite posting , i got the feeling of being a doctor not just working and doing what bosses told u to do.

one more posting to go before im completing my 2 years of training. im actually not ready yet to practice as a MO, hopefully can prepare myself for another 4 month

i want to be more human
maybe i should start a hobby ,besides sleeping